A Sweet(er) Life in Negros…

From my very first attendance in an Ayala Land Negros gathering, they never failed to amaze me and this time all praises to the organizers for a very successful Launch of North Point.

My night started with beautiful sights around North Point. It is 5:30PM, The beautiful North Highway with Lush Trees as the center island and a feel that makes you think you are somewhere in South Luzon Expressway going to Laguna. Everything around you looks beautiful. 5 Minutes ago, I was in a bustling District of Mandalagan in Bacolod City, and now, the feeling is different.

 On my way inside Ayala to what is popularly known as the Spine Road (The Main Road connecting all the Residential Developments of Ayala Negros), everything seems surreal. On my left, the nearly finished Technohub Building 1 and is the area where the soon Retail Centre will be built. This area is like nothing months ago but now, it is slowly taking shape to become a bustling area. On my left is again, another huge Vacant Area where commercial developments will soon rise.

Walking down the Spine Road makes you feel relaxed with its towering Palm Trees and high walls. It makes you feel like you are walking down Beverly Hills in one movie that I saw. The feeling is so wonderful. I don’t want to sound “Sosyal” but it is during “These Times” when I get a chance to attend an Ayala Gathering that makes me feel “Sosyal” and I can’t help it. Being the country’s Top Community Developer, I am but proud that we here in Metro Bacolod and Negros were just so blessed that Ayala considers my Hometown as a Great Area for Investment

Then upon taking pictures while walking down the Spine Road, a van fetched me and brought me to theAYALA NORTH POINT CLUBHOUSE CONFERENCE ROOM for the Press Presentation regarding the whole North Point Development and without making any exaggeration, my Term Colossal is  and I am but happy for my fellow Negrenses for the Opportunity that benefits us because of Ayala.

really but fitting to describe it. I promised to keep my mouth shut so as not to spoil the excitement. But I tell you, it is really worth waiting for.
The Executives were there, but only three familiar faces I can remember, Mr. Jay Visco, Mr. Francis Monera, and Ms. Therese Borromeo. Mr. Francis Monera explained the reason and the purpose of the integration of the whole Ayala Negros developments. It is basically to make all developments in North Point co-exists with each other for the benefit of all. It is intended to make life more fun and easier. To achieve the Live – Work – Play Balance, to give Value for Investments and to create a distinguished community in Negros that will truly make it the Address of Choice for every Negrense.

Mr. Jay Visco and Mr. Francis Monera also gave us a hint on what will be the future for AYALA Negros. It is but a relief to know that North Point is definitely NOT THE LAST and NOT THE ONLY in
Negros. And for the sake of secrecy, again, my mouth has been zipped. I don’t want to lose their Trust in me I swear.

After the Press Presentation, we then headed to the Spine Road again for the Cocktail Party. A mix of Filipino, Italian and Japanese dishes greeted us and it was such a delightful treat. The Artians Dancers by Rodney Ascalon opened the Party with a beautiful Dance Encore.

After the official welcome remarks by Mr. Francis Monera and (another) ALI Executive (sorry but I forgot the nameJ), the executives from Ayala Land Inc., ALI – Visayas, Avida and Amaia, the Mayor of Talisay City – Dr. Eric Sarratan and ALI’s Venture Partners proposed a toast and a

colorful fireworks display lighted up the night sky.
Hit singer and BalladeerRichard Poon entertained the guests with his renditions

of Timeless Classics from the 40’s to the 80’s. The guests were so amazed with Mr. Poon’s beautiful voice. I wish I could have done a duet with him but I was too busy going from one spot to another to greet familiar faces or taking pictures.

But unfortunately, I was not able to stay up till the end of the party due to another commitment that night, but certainly, this is yet another night worth creating a story. A Night where the “Rise of Boni High in Talisay” and phrase“everything will unfold right before your very eyes” is becoming Reality.To all Ayala Peeps, Cheers!

Special thanks to Ms. Jeanette Japzon, Ms. Therese Borromeo, Mr. Ferdie Limsiaco for everything.

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