Define Delicious? Simply, Uncle Cheffy!

Uncle Cheffy Panizzas!

Seafood Lovers Panizza (Left), East Meets West Panizza (Center), Uncle Cheffy Favorites and Three-Cheeses Panizzas (Right)

I was Job Hunting at Cubao, it was the 23rd of February when I received a text from a fellow Negrense Blogger, Mark Magallanes of Republica Negrense (also a feature writer of When in Manila) asking if I am up for a food tasting invitation. I have not been blogging for months since I got busy from work but, this invitation created a spark for me to once again challenge my passion in writing and creating noteworthy reviews. So, I accepted the invitation and met Mark at a food court in a mall nearby.

We then walked our way to Uncle Cheffy at Wynsum Tower in Ortigas and when we stepped into the room from the elevator, the huge dining area surprised us. It was spacious and the tables are very organized and the Woodstack Art that you can find in the Restaurant really amazed me. Luckily, we were the first one to arrive, we went to our table and patiently waited for others to arrived.We were greeted by Ms. Nana Nadal, the PR Consultant of Chef’s Quarter Group of Companies, Uncle Cheffy’s Mother Company.

Ms. Nana chose the restaurant specialties and quickly explained to us that unlike other Uncle Cheffy branches which only offers Family Servings good for 8 people in all their entrees, the one in Ortigas now has Medium Serving Option which is good for 4 people and Junior Serving Option which is good for 2 people. Uncle Cheffy serves Intercontinental Dishes and they have a great choice of Menu to choose from. Uncle Cheffy – Ortigas is perfect both for Family and Small Group Dinner and Dates.

The Panizzas with Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes and Alfalfa Sprouts were the first one to arrive. The Panizzas are thin crust pizzas cut into long strips and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts then rolling it up before eating it. We have 4 different Panizzas on the table, the Uncle Cheffy Favorite, The Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Panizza, the East meets West Panizza, and the Seafood Lovers Panizza. These were cooked in a traditional Brick Oven to make that perfect tasting Panizzas!

Boiled Corned Beef Soup

Boiled Corned Beef Soup

The Uncle Cheffy Favorites which is topped with dried tomatoes, anchovies, mushroom garlic, chili flakes and basil is so flavourful that the flavor literally burst into your mouth. The Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Panizza is one mild flavor that you will surely love. It is not your typical pizza since it does not boast of any ingredient but Cheese! It was made of 3 cheese but the most familiar taste is yes, mozzarella! You can taste the creaminess and the fullness of the 3 cheeses melting in your mouth, and I must admit, I will do whatever it takes for a fancy pizza, those topped with lots of greens, onions, meat and what have you’s, but with Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Panizza, I am a convert! 

The East meets West Panizza is probably my greatest discovery for the night! Parma Ham and Salami mixed with all-time Filipino favorites such as Kesong Puti(White Cheese / Filipino Fresh Cheese), Salted Eggs and Mangoes (YES, Mangoes!), to create that distinctively unique flavor that defines, extraordinary! The mango surprisingly made a remarkable balance between the strong flavors from the Salted Eggs and Kesong Puti and it blends well with the ham and salami. The flavors play on your palate without giving you that “umay” feeling.

The Seafood Panizza is another surprise. The combination of  shrimp, salmon, clams, herbs and onions with “three” cheeses proves another gastronomic delight. The ingredients were so balanced it gives you the moment to distinguish one flavour from the other

The Boiled Corned Beef Soup reminds me so much of Pochero de Cebu! The super mild but rich flavor of the broth and the gently cooked beef and vegetables instantly creates a refreshing mood that would make you want some more. This is not your another ordinary-corned-beef-turned-soup because this one is home-made salt cured beef boiled slowly over low fire to make sure the beef is tender, soft textured, soft and most of all, bursting with flavors. 

Roasted Chicken Maurino

Roasted Chicken Maurino

Uncle Cheffy Salad is the next to arrive, another favorite of mine. Crispy Pork Belly, Potato, Asparagus and Mesclun mixed with Dijonaise Dressing and topped with Alfalfa Sprouts creates yet another Adventure on your Palate. The crispness, and the flavors of the salad were just enough for you to prepare your palate for loads of flavor yet to come.

No Filipino meal is complete unless rice is served, and Uncle Cheffy knows what’s best by serving us Special. The Uncle Cheffy Special Rice is Fried Garlic Rice mixed with finely chopped Anchovies and Parsley.

It is so flavourful that I could eat the rice alone, BUT NO! This is a Food Challenge that I must complete!

One Main Entree that caught my attention is the Grilled Cream Dory in Meuniere Sauce. I must admit that I am not a fish lover but there is always and exception. As expected, this one is different. It has a hint of saltness from the butter, sourness from lemon and spiciness from the pepper that creates a well-balanced flavor.

The Roasted Chicken Maurino at first is my last choice since as a Negrense myself, hailed in Bacolod City, Chicken is basically a staple food in my Hometown. I have tasted almost all kind of chicken dishes and it probably is the reason I have little interest over the chicken dish ready for us at Uncle Cheffy that night. But I had to try it, and the moment I tasted it, I know this one is definitely a good dish. Well cooked roasted chicken bursting with flavors and aroma. A special blend of sauce added “magic” to this dish. I can definitely recommend this to everyone!

Memphis Barbeque US Beef Rib Finger with the three sauces

Memphis Barbeque US Beef Rib Finger with the three sauces

And the main attraction of the night, The Memphis Barbeque US Beef Rib Finger with the three sauces. I really don’t like putting or dipping sauces on my ribs so I ate it as is. This one is soft but not your typical fall-off-the-bone ribs, but good thing is, the beef is not chewy. The flavor did not quiet meet my standards since I have tasted “exceptional” ribs back in Bacolod and Cebu but this one passed my taste buds. The main reason this one is served with “Three Sauces” is for us to be able to create the flavor that we would like to make that is probably why they did not over-do the seasoning on the ribs perhaps.

It’s desserts time and Uncle Cheffy served us 3 Fantastic Sweet Indulgence! The Chocolate Parfait in Pandan Crepe made a headline for its green-colored Pandan flavored crepe which balanced the sweetness of the parfait. The Sugar-free Cheesecake and the Chocolate Roulade, both garnished with mangoes, cherries and mint leaves were to crave for. A perfect way for us to wrap the food challenge by Uncle Cheffy. 

I went home that night still reminiscing the sumptuous dinner I had earlier, good thing I have some take-out to feast at home!

Here’s a quick rating for Uncle Cheffy based on my Experience.

Out of 5, Uncle Cheffy Ranks:

1. Place and Ambiance – 4

2. Food – 4

3. Service – 4

4. Privacy – 5

5. Staff and Crew – 3.5

6. Price – 3.5

Over-all Uncle Cheffy experience? Awesome! 

You can find more Photos of our Uncle Cheffy Food Adventure at

Sugar Wanders Facebook Page.

Special thanks to Ms. Nana Nadal and Mark Magallanes for the Invitation! Photo Courtesy of Rabbi Mendoza

If you wander around Ortigas looking for that perfect place to Dine and Define Delicious,

never forget to drop by at


2nd Floor Wynsum Corporate Plaza

Ruby Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 

Tel. No. 696-6957 | Telefax: 696-6958



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  1. Super duper thank you for the raving review! Glad you enjoyed! Sikat na ako ah! Kasama na naman picture namin ni Mark! Hahahaha! Hope to see you again soon!

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