Travel Guide: Bacolod City and Negros Island (Part 1)

It’s summer time and I am sure, most of us are already planning our Summer Vacation. In the Philippines, there are certainly many places to go to during summer but, if you opt to go to a place that offers almost everything you can imagine for your itinerary, there is only one place in mind I can recommend. Bacolod City and Negros Island!

From white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, to mountain adventures and gushing waterfalls, Negros defines what a perfect Vacation should be like. There are more than a thousand reasons to enjoy your stay in Bacolod City and Negros Island.

Sugar Invades The Bacolod Government Center!

 Negros is divided into two provinces namely, Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. Bacolod City, also known as “The City of Smiles” is the Capital of Negros Occidental and is a Highly Urbanized City while Dumaguete City, also known as “The City of Gentle People and a University Town” is the Capital of Negros Oriental.

Negros is the Philippines’ Largest Sugar Producer and is probably one of the Largest Sugar Exporters in the world. The land of Sugar Barons and Vast Haciendas one will be mesmerized to find that in this modern world, these legacies that made Negros Famous and Fabulous is still present.

This article will give you quick ideas on where to go and what to do should you plan to do your vacation in the Sugar Island.

Where to go and What to do in Bacolod City / Metro Bacolod:

1. The Bacolod Government Building – The seat of Government of Bacolod City

2. The Provincial Capitol Grounds and Lagoon – The seat of Government of the Province of Negros Occidental

3. Blessed John Paul Tower – A tower built at the Reclamation Area in the Honor of Blessed John Paul right at the spot where the Blessed Pope once held a Mass for the people of Bacolod City

4. Alangilan Mountain Barangay – Also called the Salad Bowl of Bacolod City, you can also discover the adventurous side of you by trekking the different Mountain Resorts located here.

5. Punta Tay-Tay Beach Strip – Relax and Unwind at the Beach, feel the fresh air and just dive in to your favorite seafood. If you’re in the mood to swim at the beach, this is the nearest place for you. (Notice: The Beach is not a white-sand beach so expect the unexpected.)

6. Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel – A Waterpark right at the Heart of the City. Once you’re inside, you wouldn’t think that you are in the middle of a bustling city center!

7. Palmas del Mar Village and Beach Club – Perfect place for you to dine in private with your love one or just simply enjoy the pools with your kids. You can also do fishing at the lagoon or just watch the sun sets or star-gaze at night. Everything is so relaxed here.

8. Forest Park Water Garden – The newest attraction in the City, it boast of the Largest Free-form Pool in the Region as well as Lazy River and Wildlife Mini-zoo. Privacy is an added bonus!

9. Sta. Fe Resort – Indulge yourself in one of the country’s oldest existing Private Resorts!

10. The Ruins – With the Ruins’ famosity, who wouldn’t want to experience Romantic???

11. Sunburst Bay Resort – Located at Silay City, one can enjoy Fresh Seafood here while watching the sun sets.

12. Patag Mountain Resort – Once a Japanese hideaway during the World War II, you would’ve want to experience the mysteries surrounding this famous destination in Negros!

13. Silay Heritage Houses – Experience how the Illustrious once ruled the Sugar Island by visiting Century-old Mansions of the Rich Sugar Barons!

14. Natures Village Resort – A Village Resort right outside two of the most prominent addresses in Metro Bacolod, the Ayala North Point and Town and Country Windsor and Cambridge.

15. Balaring Seafood Strip, Silay – If you are craving for seafood, then Balaring is the place to be. Fresh Catch cooked Fresh. So much of being fresh, isn’t it?

Where to go and What to do in Negros Occidental: See Part 2 of the Article


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