Metro Bacolod now sports the “A” Factor!



March 30, 2013; Black Saturday, 9:30PM —  I was really worried since I got a call from my Yaya that my mom was rushed to the Hospital due to Mild Stroke. I was so concerned about her health and what might happen to her. I panicked, I don’t know what to do but I have to do something. It was one of the hardest moments I had since my Dad passed away last 2006. My head’s running wild, that I broke down into tears that night, helpless and feeling worthless.

I called my boss, it was Easter Sunday, asked if I could go home to Bacolod to take a look at my mom’s condition and to take care of her even just for a few days. He said YES with a Bonus that I may be able to temporarily work at our Bacolod Main office for another week after my filed leave so I can secure my mom’s perfect health.

I immediately booked my flight back home. I was really worried and at the same time excited that I will be seeing my mom in a few hours, see my friends, eat home-cooked meals, see for the first time our Main Office, get to know colleagues which I only knew through phone and most especially, I am excited since the day after I arrive at Bacolod, it will be The District NorthPoint’s Grand Opening!

It may sound stupid that in my mom’s condition that time, I can still think about all these things, but yes, I did think about Ayala’s The District NorthPoint Opening.Sugar

My flight is scheduled 1730H. From the office in Makati, I went straight to the Airport to catch my flight. I arrived around 7:00 in the Evening. With no time to waste, I rushed to the Hospital with my luggage and all.

I can now see my mom, she was asleep, but she woke up upon hearing my voice. I kissed her and hugged her. I was so relieved to see my Mom in Good Condition. Although she is weak, she can speak clearly and she can move her body like everything’s normal. She assured me that she is okay but I still worry about her condition. She will still have to undergo several laboratory procedures before her condition is confirmed by the Doctor.


After my visit, I went out to meet some friends and then went home. I suddenly remembered Ayala’s The District NorthPoint Opening. I received an invitation to come from Ayala a few days earlier and I thought, I could not miss this event! We have been discussing this at Skyscrapercity Bacolod for a few years now and here it is now,  tangible, a confirmation of Ayala’s Commitment to Metro Bacolod and Negros Occidental as one of its Powerhouse.


“It was not overly done nor poorly made. Although small, The District NorthPoint has a class of its own. With a total area of about 21,000 sq.m, The District Northpoint will cater to residents of the Premiere Residential Address in Negros and nearby cities of Bacolod, Talisay and Silay.” Those were exactly my thoughts upon seeing the Mall as we pass by the area going to the Media Event held at The NorthPoint Premiere Clubhouse.

Today, we’ll not only celebrate the Opening of The District NorthPoint, but we are celebrating the entire NorthPoint Estates as the First Fully-Integrated Masterplanned Community in Western Visayas. With Ayala Brands such as Ayala NorthPoint Premiere, Alveo Land’s Plantazzione, Alveo Land’s Asyana, Avida’s NorthPoint Village, Amaia’s Amaiascapes NorthPoint and Ayala Technohub, now comes another addition to fully strengthen Ayala’s Dominance in the Real Estate Segment in Negros Occidental, The District NorthPoint Mall.


all is set

At the media event were media men from different Bacolod-based dailies. Mr. David Celdran hosted the gathering and also present were Top Honchos of Ayala Land

Inc. notably Mr. Antonino “Tony” Aquino, President of ALI and Mr. Emilio Tumbucon, SVP and VisMin Group Head of ALI.

Mr. Tony Aquino said that Ayala NorthPoint Estates “comes closest to the largest mix-used integrated development that Ayala has ever done.” referring to Ayala Alabang.

Mr. Tumbucon on the other hand said that, Ayala NorthPoint kept growing not just in terms of business activity in the area but also the Land Area as they continually acquire adjacent lands to be developed in the future.

The Php1 Billion Ayala The District NorthPoint Mall will be home to more than 100 Local and International Brands as well as provide jobs to more than 2,000 residents of Talisay City and nearby areas.

I asked the Ayala Executives if they are open in the idea of connecting Bacolod North Road (Talisay Highway) to the Bacolod-Silay Airport Access Road through the SPINE Road for ease of access and convenience in the future once the BSIA Access Road becomes fully operational and here is what Mr. Tumbucon said:

“We would love to open the Access Road for ease and convenience in the future since Ayala’s property is near the BSIA Access Road too. But this is subjective and should undergo proper procedure since The SPINE Road is a Private road and we would like to preserve the privacy of our homeowners as well.”

the honchosI also asked the executives “What degree of preparation have they done to accommodate vehicles coming in and out of the District NorthPoint. And are they prepared not to make the same fate that Makati and The Fort suffered due to traffic? Mr. Tumbucon replied:

“We have made sure that we provide enough parking space for the mall-goers and paved separate transit lanes for Private Vehicles and for Jeepneys bound to Talisay to make sure that the traffic will still go smoothly since we know that The District NorthPoint Mall is located beside a National Highway.”

The Ayala Executives also assured the Media and the people that they are very much intact in their Corporate, Social and Moral Values in creating a livable place without compromising Mother Nature. Within the Ayala Property is a Waste-water Treatment Facility and an Organized Garbage Collection scheme. They also assured the security of the mall-goers and residents alike that their security personnel are well-trained and knowledgeable in case of emergencies and disasters.

The Media Event ended and everyone are all wearing smiles, excited, as we head to the Mall to attend the Inauguration Mass as well as the Formal Launch of The District NorthPoint Mall to the Public.


facadeAfter the Mass, the formal launch was held. Hosted by TV Personality RJ Ledesma. With the Ayala Executives together with ALI’s Local Partners, the Lacson Family and Talisay City Mayor Dr. Eric Saratan, made the traditional gesture of juicing a Sugarcane Stalk and offering a toast with the Sugarcane Juice to formally launch The District NorthPoint to the Public.

Before the mall was opened to the Public, I kept myself busy taking pictures inside and checking out the “New Brands” that is in store. I was not impressed nor disappointed by the store selections inside The District, probably because, the stores that I wanted to check out were still closed as of that time. Hence, I was really surprised the way this “Small” Ayala Mall turned out to be.


the district

The District NorthPoint Mall boasts the A” Factor in so many ways. It has raised the Negrense Malling Experience up a higher notch. Although a landscaped area is nothing new in the Malling Scene in Metro Bacolod, the Ayala’s made sure that their landscaping will be a cut above the rest.

water area

 The Al Fresco area seems like a mini version of The Fort’s High Strip. Well-manicured plants and towering palm trees will greet you and the thought of frolicking at the fountain areas is very tempting.

The interiors of the Mall has a resemblance to Glorietta’s newly refurnished area. It’s classic design and warm lighting gives the Mall a sophisticated look. The ambiance inside is of no disappointment to me and the ease of navigating the Mall is well appreciated.

main entrance

I am, by the way, a die hard fan of Humongous Malls and I kept on dreaming that one day, my beloved city of Bacolod will experience an Ayala Mall that is comparable to Ayala Center Cebu, TriNoma in Quezon City or even Glorietta and Greenbelt in Makati. Bacolod may not have a Huge Ayala Mall today, but the impact it made into the Economy of Metro Bacolod specifically of Talisay City is not a joke. Well, Alabang Town Center started out small, but look at it now, a bustling center of it’s own in the Heart of Ayala Alabang.

interior 1

Now that Ayala’s “A” Factor has been injected into Metro Bacolod’s Retail scene, the Negrense shoppers has more choices for shopping. It may be small for a start, but soon enough, we will see more structures and developments rise in the Ayala North Point Estates. With the Ayala’s experience in creating a legitimate Live-Work-Play and Master-planned communities in the Philippines, the NorthPoint Estates has truly become a centerpiece of the Ayala’s in this side of  the country!

The District NorthPoint Mall is surely another “Great” addition to Metro Bacolod’s Retail, Shopping, Dining and Leisure destinations! We are eagerly anticipating for your next surprise, Ayala!



Ayala NorthPoint Estates

Bacolod North Road (National Highway)

Talisay City, Negros Occidental



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