Celebrating Sweetness at Tiffany’s Confections

Bacolod City, Philippines ~~ It is unusual to find rare Culinary Treasures nowadays especially in a City where everyone seems to love and breathe “Good Food,” But Bacolod City is an Exception when it comes to Sweet Finds!

The Façade of Tiffany’s Confections with its Victorian-Inspired Mini Garden perfect for your small group of friends for an afternoon dose of sweets and coffee.

In a City where Artisan Pâtisseries and Cafés and Exceptional Restaurants abound, some already made Waves and Thunders of Famosity and Accolades not only locally [and in the Philippines in general] but also in the Palates of some of the World’s Most Respected [Anthony Bourdain, anyone?] culinary experts,  who would’ve thought that Bacolod still got a Treasure worthy of a Discovery?

My Personal Favorite Crafted Brewed Coffee by Tiffany’s Confections

In a Pretty [as pretty as She] Victorian-Inspired Garden Café at #6, 8th Lacson Street, Bacolod City, is where you can find the “Newest” Treasure I am talking about. Luscious and Sinful Classic Desserts with A Twist and a Bunch of All-Original Pâtisseries will surely make your sweet tooth come alive!

Some of the Treats that Tiffany Anne Ocana Yapjoco passionately prepared for the guests during the Pre-Opening Party of Tiffany’s Confections last February 4, 2014

Tiffany’s Confections is all about Heavenly Cookies, Revel Bars, Delicious Cakes, Cheesecakes [oh, Mango Cheesecake, where art thou?] and all, with a touch of Homegrown Negrensé Creativity and a Twist of Love! And yes, best paired with [my personal favorite] Crafted Brewed Coffee that will make you come back for more! A few steps away [Now, speak of Convenience] from the Hustle and Bustle of one of Bacolod’s busiest and main thoroughfares, Lacson Street, you will find it a surprise that Tiffany’s Confections offers that “Quiet and Private” Ambiance that you would surely love to spend along with your small group of Friends [and Family], [or if you are alone] your Tablet or even a Book!

Family Picture

L-R: Marlon Sabio, Hainzel Mombay, Tiffany Anne Ocana Yapjoco, Jamie Baloyo (Yours Truly) and Glady Reyes (Experience Negros)
Photo Taken by: HM Venegas

Tiffany’s Confections is owned and managed by a young [and of course, Pretty] entrepreneur, Tiffany Anne Ocana Yapjoco who passionately prepares all the baked goodies in her shop daily [serves you fresh pastries daily]. I’ve known this pretty lass for quiet sometime and I have seen her passion in Baking and Culinary Arts. Coming from a family who loves good food [and of course, a Chéf Dad], A Degree in Hospitality Management, Baking [and probably culinary] Certificates from Top Artisan Bakers in the Country and a deep passion for the art, She [Tiffany] surely knows how to deliver her craft, A-List!


Here’s a glimpse of some of my “Personal Favorites” from Tiffany’s Confections:

Kalamunding Bars. My “All-Time” Favorite! I really cried the last time I ordered two dozens of these crazy bars so I could bring it back to Manila but realized later that I left it in Bacolod! [Thats how crazily delicious these munchies are!] Signs of Ageing I think.

Carrot Wallnut Cake. I have never been a fan of Carrot Cakes, but with this, I am blown away!

Petite Caramel Cream Puffs. One Word, HEAVEN!

Kahlua Truffle Brownies. Sinfully Delicious. It has a rich, dark, chocolatey taste and its not so sweet characteristic makes it very appealing to the palate. My type of Chocolate Revel Bar. 5 Stars!

Fresh Mango Cheesecake

Fresh Mango Cheesecake. I was once speechless of the Triple Cheese Cheesecake in one of the “more” famous Pasty Shop [also] in Bacolod, But this one is my NEW ULTIMATE CHEESECAKE! This sweet masterpiece is so rare to find [spell FRESH] as it sells like hotcake and you really [as in literally] have to call in advance if you wanted to have a bite of this UBER Delicious Cheesecake! Goes VERY well with Tiffany’s Confections’ Crafted Brewed Coffee. iExcelente!
Photo By: Tiffany’s Confections


Tiffany’s Confections

#6, 8th Lacson Street, Bacolod City, 6100 Philippines

Contact: 0922.800.8178

Email: tiffanys.confections@gmail.com

Store Hours: Mondays through Saturdays

11AM – 7PM

Tiffany’s Confections also accepts orders for your Birthdays, Events and Parties. You may check the details and other information on how to order by liking Tiffany’s Confections’ Facebook Page or Follow them on Twitter.

More of Tiffany’s Confections Pre-Opening Event Photos:

Skyscrapercity Bacolod

HM Veñegas MediaArts

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Special Thanks to:

Tiffany Anne Ocana Yapjoco

Tiffany’s Confections

Glady Reyes (Experience Negros)

Hernan Mervyn Veñegas (HM Veñegas MediaArts)


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