The Beautiful Sunset of Qeshm Island, Iran

When I got a new Job in Dubai last January 2015, I was required to “Exit” the UAE and get my New Employment Visa in another country according to my preference and, I chose to wait for my Visa in Qeshm Island, Iran.

At first, I was planning to “Exit” again in Buraimi, Oman since my first “Exit” there was a pleasant experience and it is just a few hours away from Dubai by Land. I am really skeptical about going to Iran for I have heard many stories about not-so-good experiences by fellow Filipinos exiting especially in Kish Island, Qeshm Island’s Neighbor.

Aside from it (Qeshm Island) being cheaper than its neighbor, Kish Island (also in Iran), Qeshm Island is way more peaceful and Surot (Bed Mites) Free.

I was amazed by how the Locals treat us like celebrities and how those smiles from them eases our worries and weariness from living in a Foreign Land, tagged by many as a Hostile Country but, apparently, it is NOT.

Qeshm Island, Iran is all about Friendly Locals, Great Food, Great Beaches and an Experience of a Lifetime!

SugarFairy taking a pose with the Beautiful Sunset as backdrop 🙂


Local Iranian kids with their fresh catch and selling it to the passersby during sunset.. 🙂



Local Iranians trying to find their way out, dry, from the shallow coral beds.



Isn’t the sunset just awesome?



Our Group (of Filipinos) scanning and searching the shallow coral beds for Fresh Catch like Stingrays and Crabs for Dinner!



Playing “The MazeRunner” with the shallow coral beds in one of Qeshm City’s Beaches.


















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