Wonder and Wander

Confessions of a Lonely Wanderer

Join me as I wander and discover what Best the Philippines and the World could offer!

The Philippines simply has a lot to offer! From the beautiful white-sand Beaches to the majestic Mountain Destinations. The simple rural living to the extra-ordinary urban adventures, name it, the Philippines have it!

With 7,107 Islands each with different culture and personality, surely there are more than a thousand reasons to Wonder and Wander in the Pearl of the Orient Seas!

The Philippines isn’t all about the beautiful and extra-ordinary destinations, it is also a place to satisfy and feed your cravings for your not-so-ordinary appetites! From the Inter-continental cuisines to Local Specialties, the Philippines will surely give you a Gastronomic experience you will never forget.

Festivals, Partying, Clubbing, Socializing and just be on the Spotlight. The Philippines has the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Celebrate with Hundreds of World-Class Festivals to choose from and Experience the Filipino Culture and Hospitality unique and known all over the world.

JOIN ME as I wonder and wander and discover the BEST Places, BEST Destinations, BEST Food, BEST Festivals, BEST Shopping and BEST Experience all over the Philippines!


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